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Image by Bonnie Kittle

What is Baby Dedication?

Baby Dedications are a special time when parents dedicate their child (newborn - 2 years) to God with the support of family and friends. In order to prepare for the event, parents are required to complete a little homework. No worries, you will want to do this homework. Print off the homework card below and fill it out with instructions from the videos.

Imagine The End

In the first video, “Imagine the End,” we will help you choose a spot in the horizon for you child. At the end of the video, you will be challenged to sit down and write a description of the type of person you’d like your child to grow up to be.

Widen The Circle

In the second video, “Widen the Circle,” we will share how as your church family we will link arms with you as you raise your child.  We will also have you consider who are those people in the church, in your family, and friends who are valuable partners in raising your child to know the love of Jesus Christ? Then invite them to the Child Dedication Celebration.

Have you watched the videos and done your homework? Are you ready to dedicate your baby? If you have said yes to those two questions, sign up now by clicking the button below.

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